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The JerryC family of thermal fusion optics provide thermal detection capability (Fusion) to your night vision device. These devices are intended to increase detection capabilities beyond what is normally capable with traditional image intensifier systems. The Units utilize a 12 micron 640×512 thermal sensor with an injection arm that projects a 30.5 degree image into the objective lens of your night vision device. A common complaint of clip-on thermal imagers is the additional weight it adds to host systems and the limited battery life. The Jerry CE5 solves both of these problems by eliminating the onboard battery compartment, moving the power source to a larger external battery pack (included), reducing frontal helmet weight and offering over 8 hours of continuous battery life. The Jerry CE5 comes with an external battery back that takes 2x 18650 flat-top batteries, a power cable and a battery pack mount, in a custom hard case.



One Infiray Jerry CE5 Clip-On-Thermal; hard case; pvs-14 style objective mounting bracket; battery pack; spec sheet.

Operating Pictures



  • Ceramic packaged HD thermal imaging
  • Latest 12μm HD infrared module, stronger, lighter, and smaller.
  • Ultra-low load, quick installation, and uninstallation.
  • Quick removal interface allows plug-and-play infrared fusion function.
  • Multiple application modes facilitate hot target searching and displaying, helping users to grasp the initiative.


 Detector Resolution  640×512
 Pixel Size  12μm
 FOV  30.5
 View Ratio  .765
 Display Mode  Manual/Automatic
 Image Mode  White-hot/Highlight/Outline
 Power Supply  17335,18650
 Weight  78g/110g
 Operation Temperature  -40°C~+60°C
 Interface  External Power Supply