The Norotos Improved Night Vision Goggle Helmet Mount Assembly (INVG-HMA) is a radical new approach to NVG mounts. It is unlike any other mount on the market and represents a huge technological leap forward. The INVG-HMA is a precision machined NVG mount that uses a single tri-lobe rail to interface with the goggle. This design feature benefits the user in several ways. First, it presents a stronger, more stable platform that can better survive impacts without damage. Because the interface module moves on a single rail, there is no chance of binding if the mount takes a hit from one side. Second, the entire rail member can rotate 360 degrees. This allows you to quickly switch between right and left eye dominance when using a monocular, without removing the optic from the mount. It also allows you to swivel the NVG up in front of the helmet for quick storage. The INVG arm uses a Force-To-Overcome mechanism for flip-up storage. This means the user has to manually force the arm up into the stowed position. The benefit of this is that it will better absorb an impact to the unit by collapsing into the stowed position rather than rigidly locking the NVG in place and making is susceptible to damage. It also allows for a gross-motion operation rather than a fine-tune motion to actuate. This can be a bonus to the operator in tactical situations where the NVG’s need to be quickly moved out of the way. When in the upright position, the INVG arm stows the goggles within the helmet’s footprint, helping to protect them from impact and damage. One thing to note is that the INVG does not make use of an auto-shutoff mechanism. The NVG interface module is a dovetail, so it will readily accept the PVS-15, 18, 21, and 7A/C. It will accept a PVS-14 with the Norotos Dual Dovetail Adapter. Like other Norotos dovetail features, the INVG is cross-compatible with Wilcox Industries dovetail interfaces.

WEIGHT: 6.6 oz.

MATERIALS: Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy, Hard Anodized

HEIGHT ADJUST: 1.1in Total Vertical Travel


TRAVEL: 1.4in Fore/Aft


WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty

SHROUDS: Norotos Universal Shroud, Ops Core VAS Shroud, USGI MICH Plate, USGI PASGT Plate, Wilcox L4 Single Hole Shroud

ACCOMMODATES: AN/PVS-7A, AN/PVS-7C, AN/PVS-15, AN/PVS-18, AN/PVS-21, AN/PVS-14 (w/ Norotos Dual Dovetail Adapter)