COTI adds a thermal overlay to a NVD scene without modification of existing hardware. It can identify present or residual heat sources. When NVDs are used in ambient or low-light environments, the user is limited to what they can see. It exposes potential threats that are hidden in defilade, underneath clothing, or buried in a layer of dirt. It helps identify and assess situations by increasing situational awareness so that the user can make knowledgeable decisions on how to proceed with a mission.

COTI is small, compact, and lightweight with a rugged construction that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. It has low-power consumption that allows for extended use. COTI can be used as a clip-on or handheld device.

MANUFACTURER: Safran Optics 1

DIMENSIONS: 5.51in(L) x 1.50in(W) x 2.99in(H)

WEIGHT: 5.8 oz.

POWER: One (1) CR123A Battery or remote battery pack (Included)

BATTERY LIFE: > 3.0 h @ 23°C


SENSOR: Uncooled LWIR Microbolometer

DETECTOR: 320 x 240

SENSITIVITY: 8 – 12 μm

MAGNIFICATION: 1x (optical unity)

FOV: 20° circular, centered

OBJECTIVE: Fixed Focus

APERTURE: f / 1.15

POLARITY: White hot or black hot

BRIGHTNESS: Adjustable

DETECTION: > 500 m