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The PRICC is a polymer composite self-defense tool, made out of MJF 12. MJF 12 was chosen as the material due to its extreme ruggedness, strength, and resistance to bodily fluids. The PRICC is completely non-metallic, extremely lightweight, therefore easily concealable for self-defense. It features a built-in garment clip, so you can drop it in a pair of gym shorts and forget it’s there. A great solution for people who log large quantities of time in clothing that does not support heavier self defense platforms.


The PRICC was designed to be a poker- NOT a cutter so that it can be carried without a sheath in your pocket. The built-in, and intuitive knuckle ring, makes it easy to index and draw in close-quarters entanglement. When the PRICC is clenched in the fist, it has a 2.5” shank, making it perfect for getting the message across the first time.

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