The Surefire SR07D-IT is a rail-mounted remote dual switch for Surefire weapon lights and Insight/L3 laser modules with standard-style plugs. It allows the operator to control both units from a single pressure switch, saving precious real estate on the weapon’s M1913 rail. Two separate plug-in cables connect each device to the switch platform, which has two pressure pads for momentary activation of either unit. A raised bump on one of the pads gives the user tactile feedback so he/she can differentiate between the two units.

The SR07D-IT is the perfect solution for those running lights and lasers on their weapon. It snaps right onto the rail and gives you a single convenient place from which to activate your accessories. The pad with the raised bump activates the light and is easily identified by touch, even with gloves. The main ridge separating the two pads is very pronounced, which is quite helpful in identifying the two different pads. It is weather-proof down to the O-ring-sealed plugs.