Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic SL Helmet

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The EXFIL® Ballistic SL features a new lightweight composite shell providing a 15% weight reduction over the original EXFIL® Ballistic while offering the same unique EXFIL® shell geometry for an optimal fit. The new EXFIL® Rail 3.0 accessory mounting system, which is 25% lighter than the previous EXFIL® Rail 2.0 system, is compatible with standard EXFIL® accessories and was designed in conjunction with the new EXFIL® Ballistic Visor. A new SL Shroud* from Wilcox® provides a 35% reduction in weight from the previous Wilcox® W Shroud while maintaining full NVG mounting capabilities and lanyard compatibility. The EXFIL® Ballistic SL utilizes the innovative, field-proven, boltless CAM FIT™ Retention System to quickly adjust to individual head shapes and a Zorbium® foam liner to provide customizable comfort while protecting against blunt impact.



One Helmet (Color & Size Choice), instructions, Team Wendy Patch, supplemental hardware pack



  • Boltless CAM FIT Retention System
  • Zorbium Foam Liner
  • Built in Shroud
  • 3.0 Rail System
  • NIJ Level 3-A