3 Top Tactical Night Vision Goggles You Need to Know

August 22, 2022
3 Top Tactical Night Vision Goggles You Need to Know, Steele Industries Inc

When it comes to night vision systems, hunters and night vision enthusiasts have a wide variety to choose from, including a nearly endless array of thermal night vision technology brands, products, and specs. 

When shopping for systems, it’s important to consider a number of factors. Perhaps most importantly is what you’re using the night vision device for, including such hobbies as night shooting, competitions and photography, or more professional applications, such as patrolling or navigation.

You should also consider the specs you want in your night vision setup. These include such crucial details as the device’s resolution, signal-to-noise ratio, luminance gain, photocathode response, and ultimately the system’s ergonomics when using it. 

This guide examines three of the top tactical night vision goggles on the market, helping you identify the night vision device that best fits your needs and situation.  

1. DTNVS SI/ActinBlack – Dual Tube Night Vision Goggles

The DTNVS is a lightweight but rugged digital night vision goggle system. It was originally designed for use as military night vision goggles. The DTNVS uses solid-state technology to run all device operations. This gives it room for more features and better reliability than other night vision goggles on the market.

Each pod within the binoculars can be pivoted upward, allowing it to alternate as a monocular. When the pod is rotated up, the device shuts off, saving battery life and increasing operator safety, primarily because the tell-tale glow won’t be showing on the helmet. These night vision binoculars can attach to any ballistic helmet mount with a dovetail. 

Technical Specs

The DTNVS is 3 inches by 4.13 inches by 4.37 inches and weighs 17.9 ounces. These night vision goggles work using a CR123 battery, which gives them approximately 25 hours of use at room temperature. It also provides the user with a 40-degree field of vision and offers a focus of 10 inches to infinity. The DTNVS costs between $8,499.98 and $10,499.98.

2. RPNVG SI/AB Night Vision – Ruggedized Panning Night Vision Goggles

The RPNVG is a major upgrade over the previous RNVG, which did not have panning capabilities. The big difference is the field of view. Most night vision goggles have a field of view of 40 degrees. The RPNVG has a 65-degree field of view, which is especially helpful when it is head-mounted.

The RPNVG is a fan favorite, bringing all the best parts of the RNVG to bear, adding the panning feature, and making a few other tweaks here and there. For example, the attachment of the bungee cord has been moved, which many reviewers have praised online. The binoculars operate with two simple buttons.

Technical Specs

The PRNVG is 4.7 inches by 4.2 inches by 2.8 inches and weighs 18.8 ounces. It’s powered by a CR123 3v Battery, but also has an external battery pack if you want more use time. With the CR123, you get about 30 hours of use at room temperature. The field of view is 9.8 inches to infinity. The price runs between $7,299.98 and $9,799.98.

3. EOTech BinoNV-c

The EOTech BinoNV-c is one of the smallest night vision devices on the market. The tubes are only 16 mm, but they provide the optical performance of 18 mm tubes. With the BinoNV-c, you’ll get a brighter image and higher image quality.

This powerful EOTech device also comes with an automatic light cut-off system to protect the tubes in case of sudden increases in ambient light, such as muzzle flashes. The BinoNV-c is a helmet-mounted night vision system.

The size of these EOTech night vision goggles helps you keep a lower profile. They allow for greater depth perception than many monoculars on the market, providing a more complete picture of whatever is in your sights. 

Technical Specs

These goggles are 4.0 inches by 3.9 inches by 3.0 inches. It weighs 15.2 ounces (0.9 pounds), which includes the battery. This night vision device runs off of a self-contained AA battery, but it can also be used with an external power pack, which enables longer use. With a lithium battery, the battery life is approximately 25 hours; an alkaline battery provides a shorter battery life of around 15 hours. 

With the EOTech BinoNV-c, you achieve a 40-degree range of vision, as well as a minimum focus distance of 9.8 inches. You can head mount these goggles. The BinoNV-c is water-resistant to 66 feet for up to an hour. The EOTech BinoNV-c costs $12,279.98.

When choosing the best night vision goggles for you, it’s vital to consider all device specs beforehand. Go to Reddit and search for posts about the goggles you’re considering. Make sure you’re getting the features you want without breaking the bank. 

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