Our Company

Steele Industries is an industry leader in revolutionizing the lead time associated with night vision devices. Our commitment to quality reflects within our vastly growing and revolving in stock product offerings. We hope to shape the industry into an in-stock mentality to address the needs of our customers today and for the future. Since 2019 Steele Industries has been committed to customer satisfaction and product solutions that no matter the situation end users can depend upon to meet their needs. Our team is derived from Military, Law Enforcement, and Aerospace & Defense backgrounds bridging more than 75 years of combined experience in the Night Vision Sector.

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Steele’s core focus is on customer success through interaction throughout the sales process. We invite all customers to utilize our live chat, send us an email, or give us a call seven days a week to meet your individual needs. Our commitment to the industry is through our quality systems and our quality lead times associated with those products and services. With all service and manufacturing occurring in Bradenton Florida in our new state of the art manufacturing facility.

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At Steele we strive to put education at the forefront of each end user and their experience at Steele. With the only Industry Live Chat on our site end users get unrestricted access to our team of experts for consultation around the clock. We understand that night vision is not a 9-5 job and our team is dedicated to having the most available support within the industry.

sales@steeleindinc.com or call (800) 674-7302

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Law Enforcement

Steele partners with numerous law enforcement agencies to meet their mission critical applications within the night vision spectrum. Steele Industries has a growing record of accomplishments to satisfy agencies as a whole or the officers who entrust in our products to meet the growing demands of their jobs. For individual officers or purchasing officers who seek a custom solution to meet their needs please email-

sales@steeleindinc.com or call (800) 674-7302

U.S. Government Agencies

U.S. Government entities with interests in night vision systems have trusted Steele’s commitment to excellence in quality, delivery, and cost competitive solutions to meet or exceed the needs of both individual end users and organizations alike. Steele will continue to delivery quality services to our partners within the U.S. Government and for those seeking assistance please email-

sales@steeleindinc.com or call (800) 674-7302 ext: 3

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create and develop industry-wide standards. We take pride in establishing relationships with so many of our clients, and also being able to direct them through the entire process benefits all involved. We want to make sure that the products and services we provide meet the needs of both consumers and the industry as a whole.


Dominick Steele, Steele Industries Inc

Dominick Steele

President & CEO

Alejandra Maldonado, Steele Industries Inc

Alejandra Maldonado

Vice President

Oriella Steele, Steele Industries Inc

Oriella Steele

Director of Accounting

Cooper Gruszka, Steele Industries Inc

Cooper Gruszka

National Account Executive

, Gage Mcintyre, Steele Industries Inc

Gage Mcintyre

National Account Executive

, Andrew Reece, Steele Industries Inc

Andrew Reece

National Account Executive

Mark Golden, Steele Industries Inc

Mark Golden

SteeleCare℠ Director

, Eder Valle, Steele Industries Inc

Eder Valle

Warehouse Manager

Tyler Liberto, Steele Industries Inc

Tyler Liberto

National Account Executive