, Service & Repairs, Steele Industries Inc


At Steele we hold our manufacturing quality above all else. With industry standard process and procedures combined with industry leading equipment to manufacture and service a wide variety of devices.

Purge Device

All night vision devices require nitrogen purging after assembly to keep them from internally fogging during temperature changes. We also recommend sending the unit in annually to maintain the purge of the devices.

Hoffman ANV-126A

The Hoffman ANV-126A test set is critical during the assembly process of all night vision products. These processes include:

  • Eyepiece diopter focus: All monocular and binocular devices which utilize AN/PVS-14 type eyepieces require that the diopter focus range be set properly in order for them to be able to achieve the proper diopter focus range of +2 to -6. Units built without this calibration procedure most often will not meet the +2 or -6 requirements and will only achieve a partial or skewed focus range.
  • Collimation: All dual tube goggles require that each channel of the bino/goggle be collimated. This can only be achieved using a collimation bridge. If a dual tube goggle is not collimated correctly, the end user may experience headaches during use. This is caused by the slightest of misalignments of each image intensified channel in respect to each other. Collimation must be done utilizing a collimation bridge on the ANV-126 Hoffman test set.

Quality Control

Steele Industries Inc has both a quality management system and standard operating procedures in place under our ISO certification 9001:2015 to ensure all standards are met across the board within each device we manufacture, service, or repair.

Proper Tools

Steele Industries utilizes only the proper specialized tools required by the United States Department of Defense to manufacture, Service, and Repair night vision systems such as the AN/PVS-7B/D, AN/PVS-14, AN/PVS-31, RNVG, DTNVS, and countless PVS-14 models and variants.


All Steele Industries employees who manufacture are fully trained to properly service and maintain the above night vision systems, utilizing in depth training along with the written documentation and procedures required to perform service and maintenance by Hoffman Engineering and internally.

For customers who wish to have Steele Industries Inc assemble their devices we invite you to contact us for the most current lead time and to discuss the process further on our industry leading standards shape the overall manufacturing experience.