EOTech L3 PEQ-15: A Small Aiming System Packing a Big-Time Punch

August 30, 2022
EOTech L3 PEQ-15: A Small Aiming System Packing a Big-Time Punch, Steele Industries Inc

If you enjoy night hunting, it can be hard to get a good bead on your target. Some night vision goggles and devices can only get you so far, about 100 to 115 yards. In many cases, a small aiming system may be the solution you need: something compact, lightweight, simple to set up, and that gives you a magnified view of up to 450 yards when you keep your two eyes open.

The EOTech L3Harris PEQ-15 could be the aiming system you’re looking for. It may also be appropriate for you as new users and potential customers, particularly if you’re in the armed forces or currently serve as a law enforcement officer.  

You’ll have incredible sighting capability and better opportunities to hone in on your target with this unique but powerful model.

EOTech L3 Harris PEQ-15: Features and Benefits

The EOTech L3 Harris PEQ-15 features three distinct lasers to help you paint your magnified target: a red visible laser pointer, an infrared laser pointer, and an infrared laser illuminator. These lasers are low-level to keep your eyes protected.

This low-profile laser setup attaches to any M1913 Picatinny Rail mounted atop your rifle. The PEQ-15 sits lower than other laser systems so it doesn’t impede your view through your sights. This allows you to maintain full situational awareness at all times.

The PEQ-15’s body is made of high-strength polymer and reinforced with glass for maximum durability. It works by turning a dial on top of the unit to select your desired output settings. The battery compartment faces the rear for easy loading of the batteries quickly and easily.

The L3Harris PEQ-15 retains its zero within 0.5 milliradians. That’s important for the sake of accuracy. The PEQ-15 also meets the military’s environmental specs, meaning that it’s been tested in various environments to ensure it works under any and all circumstances that may arise when they’re in international traffic.


The L3Harris PEQ-15 case is 4.6 inches by 2.8 inches by 1.6 inches, and its weight is 7.5 ounces, including the 3-volt lithium battery. The battery life is 6 hours at room temperature. There’s no problem with the images to worry about; the set of the lasers and the illuminator makes them crisp and clear.

Use Cases

Armed forces and law enforcement personnel are the primary markets for the L3Harris PEQ-15. Outside of those two groups, the next largest audience for this device is night hunters. 

  • The military. The armed forces will use L3Harris PEQ-15s on small arms and any weapons. That includes automatic grenade launchers, missile launchers, and mine-clearing systems. When using any of these weapons, you must maintain situational awareness. The L3Harris PEQ-15 helps you do that.

    The military version of the L3Harris model is only available for sale under certain defense trade controls prescribed methods. For example, several arms regulation laws are involved. It’s strictly prohibited to sell them in other countries around the world without a valid export license issued by the State Department.
  • Law enforcement. Sharpshooters in law enforcement may use the L3Harris PEQ-15 to help ensure a minimum of civilian casualties in the event of riots, looting, lynchings, or terrorist attacks.

    Law enforcement departments can purchase surplus armed forces equipment. That includes the PEQ-15. It’s still subject to defense trade controls, prescribed methods, and arms regulation laws. Also, it still can’t be sold in international traffic without a valid export license issued by the State Department.
  • Night hunters. In the U.S., it’s illegal to hunt game animals after dark; this includes deer, moose, elk, and turkeys. In some states, you can hunt animals prized for their fur, such as foxes, nuisance animals like gophers, and predators, such as coyotes after dark.

    Check your local laws regarding night hunting, since those regulations are not universal across the country. Civilian users have to settle for the commercial version of the EOTech L3 Harris PEQ-15. For civilians, using the armed services version is strictly prohibited.

Many night hunters, armed forces personnel, and law enforcement officers have an interest in the EOTech L3Harris PEQ-15. It’s a solid aiming system, despite its small size. Contact us to learn more today.