L3Harris Vs. Elbit Systems: Here’s What to Know

October 21, 2022
L3Harris Vs. Elbit Systems: Here’s What to Know, Steele Industries Inc

Night vision is possible through image intensification, which is the conversion of energy particles within a vacuum tube. The devices available using Elbit systems or similar options are in constant demand across the industry.

Leading the Way in the Government Contracting Industry

Over the years, technology and tube advancements have created the most sophisticated night vision devices and equipment to date. Top executives in government sectors and the U.S. Armed Forces ultimately require the most effective, most advanced night vision settings for their equipment, including NV intensifier tubes.

Image intensification works by using an objective lens to collect photons. Using a photocathode, these are converted into electrons. A microchannel plate increases the electrical energy, which is then converted into light using a phosphor screen. The final image is viewed using an eyepiece lens.

Current devices on the market are considered Gen 3 tubes. These use thin filmed or unfilmed tubes and gating to improve performance and tube life. This tech is considered reliable up to and beyond 10,000 hours of use, at least when it comes to a lack of noticeable degradation. L3Harris has options with unfilmed tubes, while Elbit offers thin versions.

On average, unfilmed versions promise a high-spec average and are given a higher maximum spec ceiling. Unfilmed tubes are considered to have a slight edge in low-light environments, providing the user with better results than other versions.

Exploring Commercial Technologies and Winning Government Contracts

Currently, several companies work with image intensification. According to recent news briefings, such as the one released by Govcon Wire, L3Harris completed a cash sale of the Harris Night Vision Business to Elbit Systems of America.

However, L3Harris retained control of the L3 Warrior Missions Solutions associated with winning government contracts for advanced NV systems and electro-optical systems for law enforcement, the military, allied nations around the world, and first responder agencies.

Over the past few years, L3 Harris won a contract with the U.S. Air Force for image intensification devices for the HH-60 helicopter.

Elbit Systems is also no stranger to Department of Defense contracts, having won several military contracts over the years.

Image Quality for Night Vision Tubes

To determine which NVG unit is best for your situation, it’s helpful to analyze the entire system before comparing individual differences between companies. Loyal customers typically select a device based on performance, price, and efficiency under conditions.

Here is your ultimate guide to image intensifier tubes:

Gen 3 equipment delivers the best execution, with quality image devices delivering high clarity and optimum signal-to-noise ratios. The signal-to-noise ratio indicates how well the device presents a visual in low light.

On the numeric scale, the higher the number, the better the results. Uses can see longer distances with a higher ratio.

The power supply can also impact image and visibility. In days past, protection circuits would control output brightness when the input light conditions changed. This effect was known as automatic bright source protection and automatic brightness control.

However, the scene resolution is susceptible to degradation in high-light conditions.

Tech advancements led to the autogating circuit, which helps control the operation of the photocathode when light conditions change. This preserves the quality of the image in higher input lighting environments.

Green options provide a green image, while white phosphor ones present more of a black-and-white image. The white option only became available with Gen 3 products, but it offers less eye strain, better contrast, and more visual acuity.

Making Your Purchase

If you rely on the U.S. Army’s recommendation for a night vision device, you would likely consider filmed and filmless tubes from Harris and Elbit. Steel Industries carries several night vision options from either category, including the SI/DTNVS Actin Black or RPNVG SI/AB Night Vision.

View our options or customize your pair of NVG today.