New to Night Vision? Here’s How to Buy NVG Equipment and Get the Best Value

October 5, 2022
New to Night Vision? Here’s How to Buy NVG Equipment and Get the Best Value, Steele Industries Inc

If you’re interested in buying night vision devices, you should consider several factors to ensure you satisfy your own needs. Some come down to personal preference, but others mean the difference between being satisfied and unsatisfied with the night vision setup.

What Is a Night Vision Device?

Night vision devices use electronic optic technology to allow users to see images more clearly in low light or no light conditions. You’ll see with more detail, have increased depth perception and easier target identification, and find there’s a big difference between what you can see with night vision and your naked eye.

There are three generations of night vision equipment. The US military used Gen 1 during the Vietnam war. These devices underwent many improvements with different generations, and special operations personnel today use advanced Gen 3 military night vision goggles.

How Do Night Vision Goggles Work?

Simply put, night vision devices amplify ambient light using image intensifier tubes to project light onto a screen coated with white phosphor or green phosphor. The result is much higher image quality with better depth perception than you’d have without using digital night vision.

What Are Crucial Considerations?

When buying night vision goggles or other devices, prioritize which important feature selections you need or want. Select a few options available from reputable sellers like Steele Industries to compare:

  • Battery life
  • Compatible night vision accessories, whether included or optional
  • Ease of use
  • Helmet night vision compatibility
  • Gain control adjustments
  • Single or dual tube setup
  • Specs, which include resolution, field of view, spectrum, magnification, auto shut-off (if there’s too much light), image intensification tubes, and IR illumination
  • Weather resistance
  • Weight and size

Most night vision equipment today is third generation. Most users prefer Gen 3 options because of increased life expectancy, advanced image intensifiers and thermal imaging capabilities, and additional features available.

Contact Steele Industries if you need assistance understanding how these devices work and how the features affect your buying decision.

How You’ll Use It

The way you’ll use your night observation device helps determine what kind to buy. There are many variations:

  • Night vision binoculars — use two tubes
  • Night vision monoculars — have one image intensifier tube
  • Night vision goggles — equipment with a headset
  • Head mounted — used with head mounts, but without a helmet
  • Helmet mounted — attaches to a helmet
  • Weapon mounted — attaches to your weapon, generally with a rail

Depending on how you’ll use night vision, you might prefer hands-on options better suited to a static position. You can also consider night vision goggles that attach to a ballistic helmet or bump helmet via a mounting system to keep your hands free. For hunting, you might buy a night vision device that attaches to your weapon system and combines IR lasers.

Who Uses Night Vision Goggles and Other Equipment?

Night vision technology is useful for many applications besides those involving military operations. Whether for professional or recreational use, this equipment uses ambient light to make several things easier:

  • Astronomy
  • Boating, hiking
  • Hunting or wildlife observation
  • Navigation
  • Photography
  • Search and rescue
  • Security and surveillance

Your individual needs might differ from those of others using their equipment for similar uses. Before making your investment, consult with the team at Steele Industries. They encourage interaction during your selection and sales process to ensure customer satisfaction and success.

How Can You Get the Best Value?

Most systems enable flexible usage. Monoculars are versatile because you can typically use them hands-on or mounted. Night vision goggles are useful in several situations. Think about the different ways you might use your equipment, then choose a viable option from a trusted manufacturer.

For example, American military personnel use a PVS 14 monocular because of its versatility. It is used as:

  • Handheld pocket scope
  • Weapon sight
  • Mounted monocular for your dominant eye

Being able to use your device in more than one way is a good way to get the most of your investment.

Why Choose Steele Industries?

If you’re looking for the best night vision goggles or other equipment, Steele Industries is a trusted manufacturer and supplier with reasonable pricing, lower lead times, more in-stock options, and excellent warranties. Their knowledgeable staff can help you choose a night vision goggle, PVS 14, or another device if you’re unsure which product will best meet your needs.