Night Vision Compatibility with Red Dot Sights

January 18, 2023
Night Vision Compatibility with Red Dot Sights, Steele Industries Inc

Firearm users often rely on red dot sights to improve their shooting accuracy. This weapon optic uses either a red dot or a comparable electronic image as a point of aim. Several options are available, but the best red dot sights are used in daylight environments or with night vision devices. This accessory falls into the category of reflex sights and works well when combined with a night vision option.

How Do Red Dot Sights Work?

A genuine red dot sight is a reflex sight enclosed in a tube, and because it’s a bright receptacle, it gives users both unlimited eye relief and a wider viewing field through a rectangular window. It’s an LED optical sight that projects through the specially coated lens, which is coated to reflect the red light while the other colors pass through. The red point stays in line with the weapon and doesn’t depend on eye position. They perform similarly to prismatic sights though they are generally much smaller.

The red dot makes shooting fast and easy, though it’s designed for use at a close to moderate range of 100 yards or less. Because ambient light can impact the visual, a high-quality sight will let the user adjust the brightness settings. The efficiency of target acquisition and improved accuracy make a red dot system desirable over iron sights in firearms used for self-defense. The Aimpoint Pro is a favorite of law enforcement and military personnel for its accuracy as a patrol rifle optic.

What About Night Vision and a Red Dot Sight?

Firearm users often compare a night vision scope with red dot systems. Since the initial development was a reflector sight and the ability to work in low or bright light conditions, red dot systems are compatible with night vision.

Use as a Night Vision Optic

If you are shooting in complete darkness, you will fare much better when you pair your night vision device with a red dot. However, you must choose the best red dot sight for your intended use and conditions. Although, generally speaking, these are known for exceptional battery life, it’s the other features that can make or break your night shooting events.

Importance of Dot Brightness

Although the benefit of a brighter dot makes it much easier to acquire a target faster, a bright dot that is also large could impact the target visual. A large dot may reduce precise aiming because it obscures the target. Smaller dot sights cause slower aim but more precision. This is why holographic sights should have adjustable brightness settings.

Which Red Dot Sights Have the Best Features?

Several red dots on the market offer a number of features at an affordable price. These are two of them.

EOTech EXPS 3-0 Holographic Red Dot Sight

This option is short, lightweight, and doesn’t require much rail space. This unit has easy-to-adjust side buttons, and standard and night vision modes can be operated in bright sunlight or at night. It also provides two-eyes open shooting.

TRIJICON ACOG 4X32 Rifle Scope w/ Green Horseshoe Target Reference System Reticle TA31H-G

This is a tritium/fiber optic illuminated reticle that assesses available light and automatically adjusts the dot’s brightness. This also has a two-eyes open design and provides a bullet drop compensation of up to 800 meters without the need for manual adjustments.

Where Can You Purchase a Red Dot Sight?

If you want to improve your efficiency with target acquisition, shop the selection of sights at Steele Industries. We are a leading distributor of night vision equipment and accessories. Order your optic today.