Night Vision Maintenance and Calibration: A Closer Look

April 27, 2023
night vision maintenance, Night Vision Maintenance and Calibration: A Closer Look, Steele Industries Inc

Proper maintenance is crucial for keeping night vision devices accurate and long-lasting. While night vision systems are built to withstand the wear and tear from the outdoor environment and display what isn’t generally seen by the unaided eye, it’s still imperative to properly handle, store and maintain your night vision device.

Maintenance Tips for Night Vision Devices

Even though the technology within night vision is tough, there are ways to keep it protected and working well. Military personnel and law enforcement officers continually check their units and pay attention to how they are stored and handled, as poor handling and maintenance can create calibration issues. While you will want to bring any serious concerns to the attention of a night vision repair service, you can avoid a trip to a service department with these tips.

Trust the Manufacturer

Even though your night vision device is easy to operate, paying attention to the instruction manual is crucial. The manufacturer puts essential information in the booklet, such as things that could damage the night vision equipment or ways to store the unit for the most protection. Night vision technology has delicate components, such as the image intensifier tubes, and not caring for them will result in faulty performance.

Use the instruction manual to learn about the limitations and recommendations concerning battery voltage and restrictions or advice for temperature and weather fluctuations. This manual should be your first stop before operating and maintaining your device.

Avoid Bright Light Sources

It is vital to the longevity of your device to keep it from coming in contact with bright light sources. This means avoiding direct exposure to streetlights, daylight, flames, flashlights, and headlights. Keep the protective lens cover on in these situations, as the optics require very little ambient light to work, and intense illumination could damage both external and internal device components. Generally, exposure to bright lights causes irreversible damage and causes expensive replacements or repairs.

Use Care With the Objective Lens

In addition to avoiding bright or direct light sources on the lens, avoid touching the objective lens. This is the one located away from your eye. A special coating over the lens is sensitive and delicate, and any oil or debris can easily damage it on your fingers. Use a special non-abrasive, clean cloth when taking care of the optics.

Never Take It Apart

A night vision device has very fragile parts, and taking it apart can seriously damage the device. This is a costly mistake that could cause your device to stop working. If you try to work on the unit, damage to internal mechanisms should be addressed by a professional repair department.

Use the Right Power Supply

Night vision devices will come with recommendations for a specific voltage battery. These are chosen based on how the device is built and used. Thankfully, most units have built-in protections that keep the unit from running if you use the wrong batteries. Be sure to remove the batteries during storage, but don’t do this in high humidity because moisture can cause the unit to malfunction.

Properly Store the Device

Remember to turn your unit off. When not in use, remove the batteries. Corrosion from the batteries can damage your night vision device. Store your device in a dry, cool, secure place away from high heat, high humidity, exposed electrical wires, and flammable materials.

Purchase Options for Night Vision Devices

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