3EIR DesignateIR-V Three Beam Laser Green Visible / Infrared Laser / IR Illuminator

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The 3EIR DIR is a dual beam Infrared and green visible laser aiming device. Its innovative flat design and small footprint reduces the laser’s weight. The flat design allows the laser to lie below the field-of-view of any sighting optic. The visible green laser is co-witnessed with the IR laser making the zeroing process fast and efficient. Shipped with an Arisaka Defense picatinny rail mount and a standardized CRANE plug, this laser exceeds all expectations.


One Designate IR-V (Color of Choice)



  • One of the most powerful VCSEL IR Illuminator lasers
  • Small and lightweight
  • Built from synthetic nylon
  • Emitting up to 130mw, of IR illumination