AB Night Vision RPNVG Housing (HOUSING ONLY)


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If a 40° field of view doesn’t cut it, the RPNVG is what you seek. This panning housing is a follow-on to the successful RNVG, adding the ability to adjust from 40° to 65° and anywhere between. This is accomplished without giving up features such as the onboard IR illuminator and auxiliary power port that were initially seen in the RNVG as well. The wide field of view is handy while driving, hiking, or during CQB. With the optional power pod adapters, each pod of the RPNVG can even be removed and used as standalone monoculars, a real force multiplier.

  • New front plate design
  • Direct screw inserts to attach IPD module
  • Manual Gain support for all tube manufacturers and manual gain tube types
  • Adjustable IR Output