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The PVS-14 is the legacy standard issue night vision device that our US forces are using overseas. This unit can be used in multiple configurations. Whether it’s a
handheld device or attached on to a helmet for hands free use.

Our SI/PVS-14 is built using American made generation 3 image intensifiers, as well as Carson manufactured PVS-14 housings. Our technicians assemble our
SI/PVS-14 using state of the art equipment such as a Hoffman ANV-126A-001, along with various other important tools.

We offer our SI/PVS-14 with different variations of American made generation 3 image intensifiers. Our first option is the Elbit F9815XLSH image intensifier. This
tube is manufactured by Elbit Systems USA. This image intensifier is also a green phosphor screen. It is one of the most popular configurations for first time users. If you are looking for something in white phosphor, we provide multiple variations. Second up on the list is the Elbit F9400XLSH image intensifier. This is also made by Elbit Systems and is one of our top selling white phosphor configurations due to the budget friendly price. We also then offer L3Harris 18UM, 20UM, 20UA and 22UA. Each of these tubes are in white phosphor. There is a increase in price over the Elbit Systems F9400XLSH white phosphor tubes due to the L3Harris tubes utilizing filmless technology.

The PVS-14 utilizes a single AA battery. The PVS-14 has a field of view of 40 degrees. This is the same FOV you would receive if you owned a goggle setup. It is often said that you will have depth perception issues with the PVS-14, but that is not the case. You just have one eye that can see through the device and one eye that does not. This will send mix signals to the brain when in use until you properly train under them. You won’t be able to just throw on a pair of night vision and run before you can walk. We recommend looking into training solutions from qualified instructors in your area.

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DIMENSIONS: 4.5″ x 2.0″ x 2.25″

WEIGHT: 12.4 oz

FINISH: Corrosion Resistant – Matte Black

POWER SOURCE: (1) AA Battery

BATTERY LIFE: Approximately 50 Hours

WATERPROOF: 60′ For 2 Hours

DIOPTER: +4 To -6

FOCUS: 10″ To Infinity