B.E. MEYERS MAWL-ER IR/Visible Laser

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The MAWL®-ER (Extended Range) is a Class 3B multi-function laser illuminator/aiming device. It is a high powered variant of the MAWL®-DA with infrared illuminators intended to offer greater capability at distance or in environments with excessive ambient lighting conditions. The device is capable of emitting a visible green 520 nm pointer beam, 860 nm invisible infrared illumination beams, and an 852 nm IR point beam.

Available only for Law Enforcement & Government purchasing only. Please CONTACT US to obtain pricing, and to place an order.


One B.E. Meyers MAWL-ER (Color of Choice), 1 C123A Battery, B.E. Sticker, Manual



  • Triple Click
  • “Ride the Slide”
  • Short/Mid/Long Range IR settings
  • Green Visible
  • 1 Year Warranty