Ops-Core Communication Package


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We at Steele Industries only sell products we trust. For hearing protection and communication we use the Ops-Core AMP® Communication Headset. This advanced tactical communications headset integrates seamlessly with Ops-Core helmets. They are also compatible with Team Wendy helmets by utilizing the Unity Platform Adapters (sold separately). AMP’s unique 3D Hear-Through Technology and optional NFMI earplugs provide double hearing protection that restores and enhances natural hearing and sound localization while maintaining clear communication for enhanced situational awareness. With a noise-canceling microphone that mitigates all background noise, AMP is the ideal communications headset to wear in any environment. This ergonomically designed headset can be configured to meet a wide range of tactical communications needs and delivers ear protection while providing optimal comfort and a streamlined profile. This noise-canceling headset has a user-based design and can be easily adapted to either headband or helmet configurations. This package INCLUDES and the Rail Mount Kit to increase helmet stabilization and comfort.


One Ops Core Amp Headset (color of choice); One Ops Core AMP Rail Mount Kit (color of choice)



  • One and done package out of the box
  • Package discount verse piecing all the parts together