Extant CNVD-LR 2376+ FOM

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Behold the extraordinary CNVD-LR – a true marvel of night vision technology! Born from the battle-tested AN/PVS-24 (M2124) heritage, this outstanding Clip-On Night Vision Device – Long Range is designed to elevate your existing magnified day scope into a night vision powerhouse. With effortless precision, the CNVD-LR effortlessly attaches to the M1913 Picatinny Rail, seamlessly positioning itself in front of your trusted day scope. Adaptability is key, and the CNVD-LR excels in this aspect. Swiftly attach or remove the device, empowering you to wield a single weapon system for both day and night missions. Enjoy the added benefits of maintaining established eye relief on your day scope and the option to use it in conjunction with a spotting scope, granting you unmatched versatility in the field. Embrace the transformation, as the CNVD-LR unlocks the full potential of your optics, bridging the divide between day and night engagements like never before. Step into a realm of superior night vision capabilities and let your marksmanship thrive in any lighting condition.


One CNVD-LR; batteries; soft carry case; lens cleaning kit; operators manual; wrench; collimator hood.


Our CNVD-LR will come with a minimum FOM of 2376+.

Common Terminology:

FOM (Figure of Merit)

Image Intensification tube specification designation, calculated on line pair per mm x signal to noise.



  • Min FOM of 2376+
  • White phosphor image intensifier
  • Easy to put on and take off depending on application
  • Waterproof
  • Rated up to 7.62×51


 Field of View  8°
Opimum Magnification  4x-15x
Full Moon  1,800 meters
 Moon  3,350 meters
 Submersible  68ft / 4 hours
 Objective Lens Fast F/1.85 Catagioptric
 Weight  1.9 LBS
 Power Source  1 CR123 Size Battery or 1 AA Battery
 Operation Time  16+ hours
Shock  Shock mitigation system up to/including 7.62×51 NATO