Photonis Defense Boomslang 50-Degree FOV Optics Set



Sold as a set of 2 (1x objective lens; 1x eyepiece lens with lightweight diopter assembly and O-rings). If you are building a set of binoculars, please add 2 sets to cart.

Is the typical 40 degree Field of View just not cutting it for you? The Boomslang Precision 50 degree Field of View Optics will change your world view with a wider, brighter, distortion free optic that gives the user 138% more overall scene coverage than the standard night vision optics. Made with state-of-the-art precision glass, the boomslang optics will give you, the operator, more visibility with less scanning from left to right, more visibility from top to bottom and are 10% brighter while keeping the same level of performance from the image intensifier. The BOOMSLANG was designed to fit a myriad of systems with full PVS-14 style system compatibility.