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Introducing the highly anticipated articulating dual bridge mount, designed to work seamlessly with the UANVM “Tanto” or TAPB (Tanto Articulating Powered Bridge) “Daisho.” With minimal tools or additional components required, now you can combine two Tanto monoculars into a dedicated binocular system without compromising on weight or functionality. This innovative design allows users to effortlessly switch from individual monoculars to an articulating binocular configuration in less than a minute. If you wish to return to using two separate monoculars, you’ll need any PVS-14 style J-Arm for monocular use.

To transform your setup into a binocular configuration, follow these simple steps: remove the battery cap and battery, insert the bridge into the battery compartment, and tighten the rear clamp screws on the bridge – it’s that straightforward. The bridge also allows the use of a single battery for both tubes and offers optional built-in IPD stops, individual pod power on/off when articulated to the side, similar to the UANVB “Katana.” Additionally, there’s an option for a LEMO remote power port.

As with all products from Nocturn Industries, this comes with their unlimited lifetime warranty.

Attaching Tanto monoculars to the Daisho bridge is a breeze. Just remove the battery caps from each Tanto, slide the Tanto monoculars onto the Daisho power rods, swing the retaining bars into place, and secure each bolt. Each Tanto monocular comes with an insert that automatically cuts power when articulated out of view, a feature typically found only in some dedicated binoculars.

The Daisho bridge operates using a single CR123A battery, powering both Tanto monoculars simultaneously. If you prefer an external battery pack, a LEMO port variant is also available.


One TAPB (Tanto Articulating Powered Bridge Daisho)




  • 65.7g/2.32oz
  • Take two Tanto Monoculars and turn them into a goggle
  • User friendly install