Troubleshooting Your Night Vision Device

April 4, 2023
troubleshooting your night vision device, Troubleshooting Your Night Vision Device, Steele Industries Inc

Night vision devices allow users to see better at night by amplifying existing light in the immediate location. Typically, these devices are a significant financial investment, so it can be frustrating when they do not work as expected. Here are some things to know about troubleshooting these units.

Uses and Importance of Troubleshooting Night Vision Devices

One of the many advantages of night vision devices is that they enable users to remain unseen. For instance, users do not have to use another source of brightness, like a flashlight, to enhance their vision in the dark. However, they are less than ideal for weather conditions like rain or fog. There are also some differences between night vision and thermal imaging units that use infrared light rather than visible light, although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

The many uses of a night vision device include:

  • Allowing people to stealthily spot animals at night without having to carry a source of light while hunting
  • Providing private detectives and members of law enforcement the ability to perform surveillance in low-light conditions and get an image of possible suspects
  • Permitting the military to complete sensitive missions in the dark

Users of night vision devices often operate NVDs while completing essential assignments. If equipment ceases to perform while on a critical mission, it can present a significant risk to the user while they work to identify and fix the issue. Herein underlies the importance of quick troubleshooting.

Problems You May Encounter With Night Vision Devices

Pieces of night vision equipment, regardless of the quality of the unit, tend to experience some of the same issues. Although you may need to contact a professional to perform repairs, knowing what is happening beforehand is still helpful.

Acting Finicky After Exposure to Bright Lights

Some image intensifier devices can handle sources of bright light better than others; however, experts generally advise against using them during the day. Doing so can cause damage to the equipment since manufacturers design night vision goggles for use in dark conditions.

Exposure to intense brightness is among the most common reasons users harm their devices. If you previously exposed your device to a brighter light source than intended and its performance is now suffering, it might be broken.

Seeing Blurry or Obstructed Images

The purpose of a night vision unit is to enable you to see an image better in the dark, so having an obstructed view, including seeing black spots, defeats its purpose. The number one cause of this issue is touching the lens of the device. Another cause is using the device in poor weather conditions such as high humidity. Clean the objective lens regularly with a soft cloth to protect your line of sight when wearing your goggles.

The quicker you can troubleshoot your night vision device and fix any problems with it, the longer you will be able to keep your unit in excellent condition and maintain good image quality.

Have More Questions?

If you need a new night vision device, contact Steele Industries for more information. Finally, give us a call if you have any questions about your warranty for anything previously purchased from us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.