What Is A Hoffman ANV-126?

October 6, 2022
What Is A Hoffman ANV-126?, Steele Industries Inc

Night vision devices are vital for military and law enforcement. They are also used by civilians in many applications. But to ensure that night vision device quality is maintained across the industry, standards have to be in place that will allow retailers and purchasers alike to measure the efficacy of their equipment.

In addition to regular nitrogen purging, one of the primary ways this standard of quality is defined and maintained is through the use of test devices that have been designed to evaluate the many aspects of night vision equipment. The Hoffman ANV-126 from Hoffman Engineering is one such test device and stands out as the industry standard for night vision maintenance equipment.

Testing Night Vision Equipment

As the recognized leader in their industry, Hoffman Engineering has taken night vision development by storm with their ANV-126, a digital light measurement tool capable of performing thorough tests on several key aspects of night vision device (NVD) performance. Technicians who are trained to use this groundbreaking device are able to deliver performance reports with the products they sell after testing them.

As the most recent and updated version of this device, the Hoffman ANV-126A adds a microprocessor and improved resolution levels, among other improvements for night vision device testing. This test set continues to raise the bar for the next generation of night vision device test equipment.

Industry Standard

The Hoffman ANV-126, as an NVD test set, has become the industry standard for NVD testing and maintenance, and it is in use in over 25 countries all over the world. It is utilized by the U.S. Armed Forces and law enforcement for evaluating night vision equipment.

Eyepiece Diopter Focus

For both monocular and binocular devices, the diopter focus range needs to be set to +2 to -6. But, there is no guarantee that this focus range will occur automatically when a device is assembled for the first time. The Hoffman ANV-126A allows technicians to assess the focus range and update it accordingly.


For devices with more than one channel built into them (such as night vision goggles), collimation must also be performed. This can be done by using a collimation bridge in tandem with the Hoffman ANV-126A.

Collimation is essential because it ensures that both optical tubes in the binocular device are aligned and will thus provide a clear image. This will allow the user to maximize their use of the equipment and will also avoid headaches and damage to their eyes, which can result from the extended use of blurry goggles.

Other Specifications

The ANV-126A built-in menus guide the user through the correct test sequences. They also provide preset test levels. Manual settings are also an option. The model incorporates a microprocessor into the system electronics, which significantly updates the tool and effectively replaces a variety of analog components in the older version. This newest version of the tester is also sold in a format that will retrofit an older ANV-126 case.

Other key features of the Hoffman ANV-126A include the following:

  • NVD electrical system evaluation
  • Test voltage capabilities and digital displays
  • A built-in system that guides test sequence for the user
  • Digital light level settings
  • Low battery indicator
  • Microprocessor menus
  • Enhanced resolution levels
  • Other electrical hardware and adapters for NVD maintenance

All these features and more make the Hoffman ANV-126A a necessary tool for ensuring that NVD equipment is up to par before it’s sold.

Finding Well-Tested Night Vision Equipment

If you’re in the market for high-quality night vision systems, contact Steele Industries to find out how we can connect you to the right gear with our excellent catalog of devices. We test every device so that every customer can count on their equipment to perform at the highest level possible.