What is Halo? Night Vision Experts Look At This Common Optical Effect

October 14, 2022
what is halo night vision, What is Halo? Night Vision Experts Look At This Common Optical Effect, Steele Industries Inc

Night vision equipment has many applications across a variety of industries and pursuits, including the military, law enforcement, game hunting, and more. Steele Industries sells night vision products for military operators, as well as those working in surveillance, search-and-rescue, and a host of other fields.

Unlike comparable thermal scopes, many of these products include such features as white edge detect, black edge detect, full-screen modes, the ability to identify heat signatures, and those that provide users wide range mobility and detection capability in the dark.

However, seeing halos (known as “the halo effect”) may sometimes occur when using some night vision devices.

Here are a few things to know about the Halo effect: 

What Is Halo Night Vision?

In terms of lighting and night vision, the halo effect is the result of diffraction. To the naked eye, diffraction appears as a ring around the light. It can sometimes be unpleasant or even dangerous, mainly when performing activities like driving at night. 

If you have good vision, halos may commonly appear when you look at a very bright light. However, certain conditions make halos more likely to occur, including glaucoma, cataracts, and dry eyes. 

Are There Ways To Prevent Seeing Halos?

There are several ways to prevent or mitigate the halo effect, including the prevention and correction of vision issues. This includes avoiding exposure to bright lights altogether.

Some commonly recommended ways to prevent certain vision issues include:

  • Eating a diet that contains nutrients that promote good eye health
  • Wearing high-end, anti-reflective sunglasses, a hat, or both while outdoors
  • Taking care to avoid looking at such objects as the sun, headlights, and other light sources

You may also notice halos while using a device for night vision. If you want more image clarity, consider purchasing devices with superior optics, including those with N Vision Optics Halo LR and advanced polarity modes. 

Exploring the HALO-XRF Thermal Scope Night Vision Device

As a night vision device, the HALO-XRF Thermal Scope provides thermal imaging, long-lasting battery life, coated high-speed Germanium optics, digital zoom, unparalleled detection, and the ability to connect to Wi-Fi. With outstanding image clarity and optimization functionality, users can even use this lighter thermal scope to stream to social media platforms. 

This device has as many or more features than other pre-set scopes. More specifics about this halo thermal scope include:

  • Extended ranges, thanks to a laser range finder with a reach of 1,000 yards or more
  • A USC-C cable connection, so you can use current wires when the HALO-XRF requires a software update
  • Digital zoom of 2x, 4x or 8x
  • High-end Germanium lenses to maximize contrast

Who Might Benefit From Halo Thermal Scopes or Comparable Thermal Scopes?

Whether you are a serious hunter, a shooting enthusiast, or just need extended detection ranges in your line of work, a thermal scope device or thermal weapon sight that enhances image clarity can provide many advantages.

HALO LR thermal imaging equipment offers a wide range of features. The HALO-XRFhas built-in audio and video recording capability, allowing you to avoid the hassle of hauling extra equipment. These many features provide an all-in-one solution, ensuring your hands are free to engage with the taskin front of you. 

What Is Steele Industries?

Steele Industries carries a wide variety of industry-leading night vision scopes, night vision monoculars, Halo LR thermal scopes, and other devices to various customers. Steele Industries offers unparalleled industry experience and works to deliver exceptional service to every client.

If you have any questions about purchasing thermal scope products with increased optimization, extended range, and functionality, contact Steele Industries today.