DBAL-A3 Civilian: A Closer Look at Steiner’s Dual Beam Laser Dynamo

August 24, 2022
DBAL-A3 Civilian: A Closer Look at Steiner’s Dual Beam Laser Dynamo, Steele Industries Inc

Take your firearms proficiency to the next level with the DBAL A3 laser pointer IR illuminator. 

This professional firearm accessory from Steiner is now an option for any hunting and firearm enthusiast seeking greater visibility in less-than-ideal conditions. The DBAL A3 civilian release has the same expert-supporting features as the dual beam aiming laser and IR Illuminator of military units. 

When it comes to visible and IR lasers, the DBAL A3 shows why Steiner is an industry expert in all things IR and laser technology. 

Here’s how you benefit from this advanced dual beam aiming laser technology:

More Than Visible Green Laser

The green laser pointer of this beam aiming laser advanced unit is a key feature of this product, and it’s useful for operating firearms in low light conditions. This model comes with visible override high and low power options, giving you crucial support when needed. 

When it comes to firearm lasers, there are significant differences between a visible red laser and the green laser DBAL A3. Green laser light will trigger more activity with the receptor cells in your eye, increasing your visibility. 

The Steiner DBAL A3 is also an eye-safe IR laser, giving you the best in performance and comfort while operating this dual beam aiming laser in the deep woods or other low visibility conditions. It comes in black or desert sand purchase options.

DBAL A3 Civilian Market Upgrades

The introduction of the DBAL A3 civilian version to the commercial market brings new upgrades to the standard issue green laser. This laser pointer IR illuminator is equipped with the latest in visible laser technology to provide extreme accuracy during close-quarter target acquisition or at longer ranges. This piece has an adjustable IR illuminator that can easily adjust to your conditions. 

Better illumination increases your safety and provides more consistent, impressive results during no-light maneuvers. This civilian unit offers the best Steiner optics technology has to offer and leads the way as a safe IR laser pointer and superior dual beam aiming laser.

Convenient and Easy To Use

Improve your reflex and response time with the integrated push button Laser pointer IR illuminator, which has dual activation switches and dual beam reliability. Visible lasers are a must-have for anyone looking to improve accuracy when operating their firearm. 

As a dual beam aiming laser, the unit is equipped with adjustable lasers that can be independently operated. This means the operator can select an output and adjust or correct the desired impact point for each laser. The IR LED beam aiming laser DBAL-A3 model supports operating conditions as an independent illuminator. IR technology is a key component of a superb quality dual beam aiming laser. The dual beam infrared laser is incredible.

For quick use, momentary activation occurs by a quick tap and release of a pressure switch. However, tap the pressure-activated pad twice for 5-minute continuous use in dark and dimly lit environments. This adjustable IR illumination technology goes a step further by giving you control over two power modes. 

One of the latest advances is that one small adjustment changes between high and low power modes without compromising the extremely accurate illuminator and green laser. Your night vision is enhanced with a simple touch and the help of defocused adjustable IR illumination technology.

Reliable and Efficient in All Conditions

The DBAL-A3 civilian unit offers longer-range dual activation for convenient use in different environments. The Ir technology in the civilian option is a standard issue in the Steiner DBAL-A3 for warfare, powered by short or longer ranges dual activation switches and enhancing your night vision. 

Consider this comparison list of product features of the Steiner DBAL-A3 IR laser.

  • Visible green laser weight only eight ounces
  • Dual remote cable ports for visible laser override or remote fire
  • Dual-beam aiming laser with independent adjustment
  • Low-profile windage and elevation adjustment
  • Low battery indicator
  • Waterproof submersible up to 10 meters
  • Remote cable pressure pad
  • Color choices of desert sand or black

DBAL A3 Installation

The Steiner beam aiming laser DBAL is a single compact unit mounted to a Picatinny rail. Steiner uses a patented, self-adjusting Quick Release HT mount. It’s a throw lever mount made with aerospace-grade aluminum and stainless steel that is incredibly lightweight. 

The beams are co-aligned and instantly illuminate your target in no-light missions with slight pressure on the fire button. Achieve optimum beam divergence by mode-dependent adjustments.

Purchase Your IR Illuminator and Green Laser

Though this product is strictly prohibited from exporting without a proper license, US residents can purchase this excellent green aiming laser pointer IR illuminator combination from Steele Industries.

Upgrade your firearm and improve your visibility and accuracy in the field today.