Want Better Illumination AND Greater Visibility? Check Out The B. E. Meyers MAWL C1+ IR Visible Laser

September 2, 2022
Want Better Illumination AND Greater Visibility? Check Out The B. E. Meyers MAWL C1+ IR Visible Laser, Steele Industries Inc

Improve your accuracy in all light conditions with the MAWL C1+ IR Visible Laser. Firearm enthusiasts aren’t the only ones singing the praises of the visible green laser, as the impressive illumination improved performance for night hunters and those working in low light conditions. MAWL has redefined visible green laser standards with its high-power output settings, long-range mode, and intuitive and immediate operation.

Industry Leading Tech Behind the MAWL C1 IR Laser

All of the settings across this MAWL have been upgraded to reduce divergences, providing more infrared illumination output power than another Class 1 laser or FDA Class 3R available on the commercial market. The highly-sophisticated Class1+ technology complies with all of the laser safety standards established by the International Electrotechnical Commission, creating eye safety with the IR laser illuminator emitters. This model is an upgraded version of the MAWL DA without compromising on the modularity, clarity and ergonomic appeal of the previous IR laser pointer.

Improved Illumination Laser

The B.E. Meyers MAWL C1+ IR provides users with a significantly greater illumination range than comparative laser devices on the market. The improved beam pattern can tackle a variety of distance settings without getting lost in complex multi-position switches. Instead, the laser’s design offers close range, mid-range mode and long-range settings. The IR illumination of the beam helps avoid lighting up potential distractions near the target. The laser system design demonstrates impressive clarity for long ranges compared to alternative lasers.

The short-range IR provides optimal illumination for building interiors and room engagements. The illumination fills that room without excessive bloom or speckling. A low-energy IR illuminator helps with navigating dark corridors without discharging extra light. Mid-range is appropriate for rooftops, alleyways, building exteriors and streets. Longer ranges are met with similar performance as the mid-range mode, which relies on a dual illuminator and a pointer.

Highly Intuitive Operations

You don’t have to fumble around in the dark with a complex setting adjustment trying to figure out how to operate the MAWL C1 IR Visible Laser. The newest revisions to the unit create two separate classes of buttons. The (A) buttons are used for long-range mode with tighter divergences reduction, while all of the (B) buttons are for short-range mode with some crossover into mid-range needs. To some users, there may appear to be dullness to the green illumination when compared to the earlier models, but the restructuring of the unit for illuminator beam divergence is what improves the clarity and visibility of the target.

Highly Advanced Operations

Two settings have been added to improve the MAWL C1+ IR, and these are two additional areas of operation. Users can now select from eight settings to adjust to the application and environment of use. The high-power TripleClick Capability gives the user more control when working with further distances. Triple clicking on either the (A) or (B) button can activate or deactivate the power outputs for long-range settings. This is crucial for adjusting the settings to be the most appropriate emitter for the environment.

The Triple Click pointer/illumination improves the visibility of targets at longer ranges. Users appreciate the higher-powered pointer beneficial for pushing through obscurants, visualizing target holdover reference points and moving past a photonic barrier at great distances. The visible green point is easily recognized by a professional or civilian user in an exterior urban environment or low-light interior conditions.

User-Friendly Operations of the B.E. Meyers MAWL C1+ IR Laser

Starting with the way the B.E. Meyers Mawl C1+ mounts to the slide, users find that the C1+ capitalized on the shortcomings of common weapon lights suited for short carbines by offsetting the mount from the rail. This minimizes any negative impact on the hand position as well as on the optic field of view. With its offset placement, the laser body places the onboard fire buttons directly across the top of the rail clamp. Although being lower profile makes it easier to access the various power outputs while keeping the same firing grip. The modular design also makes the MAWL C1 completely ambidextrous.

The control modes are changed by rotating the front bezel until the desired emitted is exposed. In the OFF position, all emitters are covered. With VIS, on visible green emitter exposed and IR is only IR laser point and IR laser illuminated emitters exposed. There are two fire buttons, with a forward button being Immediate and the rear being Admin. The Immediate action button is used to control 90% of the output modes while the Admin button activates less critical functions within each mode. Output power control occurs through a top-mounted tactile sliding switch. It’s also easy to feel the three positions of switch output mode, making changes quick and effortless.

For the best visible green emitter that offers precise target marking and eye-safe laser capability, purchase the Meyers MAWL C1 IR from Steele Industries. Quickly manipulate multiple ranges for improved accuracy and enjoy impressive performance with this groundbreaking laser system.