Is Night Vision Waterproof? A Closer Look

October 9, 2022
Is Night Vision Waterproof? A Closer Look, Steele Industries Inc

Technology is constantly developing, and night vision devices are no exception. For years, night vision devices could not be used in the ocean. primarily because due to the lack of waterproofing technology. However, many modern types of night vision devices, such as binoculars, goggles, and optical sights, are, in fact, waterproof or water-resistant, allowing users full functionality in complete darkness. 

Here is everything you need to know about waterproof night vision devices and how they function.

Do Night Vision Devices Work Underwater?

While some night vision devices are used for specialized military activities or search operations, others are mainly for recreational purposes, such as sea hunting or diving. Most night vision devices designed for both commercial and recreational purposes are built to function underwater.

Underwater night vision devices must have specific features to function in the water. There are numerous ways to waterproof an electronic device, and the methodology will vary depending on the type of night vision device. Many units are made waterproof by sealing the critical components in a watertight casing.

Some people are concerned that waterproof casings may impact the performance of their devices. However, the best devices are designed with high-quality components that interact freely with vibrations diffused throughout the atmosphere. Thus, the quality of the device should not be impacted by the waterproof casing.

Other devices are made with parts designed to be resilient to moisture. Epoxy adhesives are often placed over critical electronic components to ensure they are resistant to water. Depending on the strength of the epoxy, you can expect night vision devices treated with this material to be highly water resistant.

Are Night Vision Devices Waterproof?

Not all night vision devices are waterproof. The function of a particular night vision device can help you differentiate whether it is waterproof or not. Devices made for diving or scuba diving are most likely waterproof, while devices used exclusively for above-water activities may only be water resistant. Some devices are not waterproof at all.  

The packaging will tell you whether or not a night vision device is waterproof. You should contact the manufacturer before purchasing if you have any questions about the functionality of the device underwater.

What Makes a Device Waterproof?

Waterproofing methods are used on a variety of objects, including cosmetics, paper packaging, and electronics. Night vision devices used in military operations and other severe environments are often coated to resist water and corrosion. While an epoxy coating can make a device resistant to water, encapsulation is required to become truly waterproof.

Instead of epoxy, some devices are coated with a specialized nanotechnology covering. Although nanotechnology is much thinner than human hair, it can help protect electronic devices from damage caused by the penetration of water. Nanotechnology coverings are found on waterproof devices, smartphones, digital cameras, and tablets.

Where Can You Find Waterproof Night Vision Gear?

NVD enthusiasts should only purchase waterproof night vision gear from a reputable manufacturer. they should avoid buying gear from overseas or third-party vendors due to quality concerns.

Steele Industries is one of the most reputable night vision equipment dealers in the country. It is a leader in the waterproof night vision industry and currently sells many products, including:

  • DTNVS SI/ActinBlack – Dual Tube Night Vision Goggle
  • SI/PVS-14 – Monocular Night Vision Device
  • Steele Industries Night Fighter Package – PVS-14
  • RNVG SI/AB Night Vision – Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle

Other waterproof devices available include monoculars and optics.

Work With an Industry Leader

Find out the advantages of using waterproof night vision devices. Steele Industries offers a variety of waterproof technologies for both commercial and recreational purposes. Contact us today to learn more about our product line.