Helmet-Mounted Night Vision Products: Which Helmet Is Right for You?

August 29, 2022
Helmet-Mounted Night Vision Products: Which Helmet Is Right for You?, Steele Industries Inc

Many night vision device users prefer the increased mobility that a helmet-mounted night vision goggle or monocular provides. As a leading seller of night vision equipment and accessories, Steele Industries has a variety of night vision helmet mounts and products to meet your NOD needs.

What Helmets Does Steele Industries Offer?

All Steele Industries helmets allow head-mounted night vision devices to enhance your sight. Each helmet is available in two sizes. The shroud on each is built to handle night vision goggles, lights, cameras, and other devices.

Team Wendy EXFIL(R) LTP Bump Helmet

This LTP (Lightweight, Tactical, Polymer) helmet protects the wearer against impacts or bumps to the head. Features include:

  • A stable mounting platform to attach a night vision device
  • A machined-aluminum integrated shroud insert
  • A Zorbium(R) foam liner
  • Cam Fit(TM) retention system
  • Available in black or tan
  • EXFIL(R) LTP Rail 2.0 system

The rail system allows you to attach all standard EXFIL(R) accessories. It includes two Picatinny-style rails and mounting hardware.

It meets whitewater performance requirements, so it’s appropriate for recreational use. You can also use it if you’re running drills or training because it only weighs 1.59 pounds.

Team Wendy EXFIL(R) Ballistic Helmet

This ballistic helmet is made of a hybrid composite shell, giving it increased strength. The shape of the helmet and moveable pads allow for an optimal fit. Additional features include:

  • A Zorbium(R) foam liner
  • A Wilcox(R) shroud made of aerospace-grade aluminum
  • A Cam Fit (TM) retention system (right eye dominant with left-side attachment is standard, but you can also choose left eye dominant)
  • Available in Black, Coyote Brown, Multicam, and Ranger Green
  • Your choice of the EXFIL(R) LTP Rail 2.0 or 3.0 system
  • The Rail 3.0 system is 25% lighter than the 2.0. All EXFIL(R) accessories are compatible. EXFIL(R) Face Shield and the EXFIL(R) Ballistic Visor.

This helmet system weighs 2.6 pounds for Size 1 and 2.75 pounds for Size 2. It exceeds ACH Blunt Impact Protection standards and is rated at NIJ Level III-A. This helmet is a viable option for people who need ballistic protection but won’t use many accessories, like lights and cameras.

Team Wendy EXFIL(R) Ballistic SL Helmet

The composite shell of this helmet is 15% lighter than the original EXFIL(R) helmet. The Wilcox(R) shroud is 35% lighter than the previous version. The EXFIL(R) Rail 3.0 mounting system is standard for this helmet and is 25% lighter than the 2.0 version. 

Other standard features include:

  • A Zorbium(R) foam liner consisting of 16 adjustable comfort pads
  • Boltless Cam Fit(TM) retention system available in right or left eye dominant options

This helmet offers the same protections as the original, but the system weighs 2.22 pounds for Size 1 and 2.31 pounds for Size 2. This light weight makes it a better choice if you plan to mount several items at once.

Night Fighter Ballistic or Carbon Helmet Upgrade

You can upgrade the standard helmet in Night Fighter custom kits to a Team Wendy Ballistic or Carbon helmet. This product isn’t sold separately.

Does Steele Industries Have a Good Selection of Night Vision Devices?

Steele Industries carries the best night vision devices available. Use them as part of your weapon system, in a static position on your helmet, or as a mobile device. When you search for your night vision device, consider things like battery life, gain control, infrared LED, and other specifications subject to your requirements.

Today’s night vision technology uses either green or white phosphor night vision tubes. Most users prefer white phosphor image intensifiers because of their many benefits:

  • Easier target identification
  • A crisp image quality
  • Better depth perception
  • Enhanced tactical awareness
  • A grayscale night vision image that seems more natural
  • Reduced halo
  • Diminished eye strain
  • Excellent night-adapted vision

Using a night vision device makes a big difference in low light conditions or total darkness. Most night vision binoculars and monoculars can be used in either hand-held or helmet-mounted capacity.

If you’re looking for binocular night vision, Steele carries some of the best night vision goggles on the market. Check out our night vision monoculars if you prefer to use only one eye. We also carry weapon-mounted night vision devices on rails, allowing you to attach weapon-mounted lights or other accessories.

Why Choose Steele Industries?

Steele Industries knows that its customers expect only high-end equipment all around. Your life can depend on the integrity of your helmet-mounted night vision setup. That’s why we offer only the best bump and ballistic helmets for sale.

If you’re unsure which helmet night vision goggle options best suit your needs , contact the Steele Industries customer service department via live chat, email, online message form, or by calling (800) 674-7302. They’ll help you search through the items for sale.

Remember that the U.S. State Department states per the International Traffic in Arms Regulation that exporting or traveling abroad with night vision devices is strictly prohibited unless you have a valid export license issued through the U.S. Department of State Office of Defense Trade Control, as prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation.