Steele Industries: Your Home for White Phosphor Night Vision Products

September 1, 2022
Steele Industries: Your Home for White Phosphor Night Vision Products, Steele Industries Inc

Night vision devices allow you to see clearly in dark and in low-light conditions. Generation 3 devices offer grayscale images using white phosphor night vision technology. Green phosphor is still available, but white has many benefits that make it a popular customer choice.

If you’re interested in quality white phosphor choices and are looking for a great experience, search no further than Steele Industries, a leading distributor and manufacturer of high-quality night vision equipment. 

Located in Florida, they pride themselves on providing excellent customer service, shorter-than-average lead times, in-stock item availability, and an unwavering commitment to improving the night vision industry.

How Do Night Vision Devices Work?

In layman’s terms:

  • An objective lens gathers ambient light photons.
  • Internal components convert them into electrons and multiply them.
  • A much larger number of electrons hit a phosphor screen, producing light flashes.
  • The screen uses an increased amount of light to display a brighter image.
  • The color of the phosphor screen determines the type of image you see.

What Are the Benefits of White Phosphor Image Intensifiers?

The human eye has receptors that process colors corresponding to shades of blue, green, and red. The image you see using green phosphor only engages some receptors, so you only receive “green” information.

White combines all colors. Image intensifiers that use white phosphor:

  • Give users increased depth perception
  • Create less eye strain
  • Provide better visual acuity
  • Allow for more contrast
  • Produce grayscale images that are easier for most users to process
  • Enhance object recognition
  • Show amazing detail

Most people report that the grayscale images using white phosphor image intensifiers appear more natural.

Which Steele Industries Products Use White Phosphor?

Whether you prefer handheld (with an optional neck cord), weapon or helmet-mounted, hands-free usage, night vision monoculars, or a night vision goggle, you can purchase superior-quality night vision equipment and accessories from Steele Industries. Their knowledgeable customer service team can help you compare devices and choose the best option for your unique needs.

A few white phosphor night vision devices follow. Many are in high demand, and most include accessories like a hard case or a soft carry case and a SI/Lens Pen.


These clip-on devices mount on your weapon. They feature manual gain control, a low battery indicator, automatic bright light cut-off, and an integral Picatinny rail.

SI/ PVS 14

This night vision monocular allows you to pick the image intensifier of your choice. Choose from the Photonic Echo Hybrid White Phosphor, Elbit XLSH Thin Filmed White Phosphor, and L3 Unfilmed 18UM/UA White Phosphor options.

RPNVG SI/AB Night Vision – Ruggedized Panning Night Vision Goggle

This panning night vision goggle lets you choose from three white phosphor image intensifiers. You can use a battery or battery pack with this unit.

L3 GPNVG – Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle

This helmet-mounted night vision goggle is ruggedized and has a 97-degree horizontal and 40-degree vertical field of view, providing enhanced situational awareness. You can focus on each objective independently. This unit uses DL123 or AA batteries to power it.


This dual-tube goggle has automatic gain control, your choice of image intensifiers, and uses a single battery. The bridge is articulated, meaning you have the ability to pivot the tubes inward and outward, rest your goggles on your head, and adjust the interpupillary distance easier.

EOTech BinoNV-c

This binocular system is one of the smallest in the night vision industry. Features include auto-gated tubes, military spec ruggedness (mil-spec: MIL-STD-810G), an integrated infrared illuminator, an internal IR indicator, and a weight of only 15.2 oz (including the battery.)

Custom Builds

Steele Industries provides customized solutions using white phosphor image intensifiers. Contact our customer service department for more details and price points. Extended lead time for custom builds is probable, even if the parts and components are in stock.

Can You Travel Abroad With This Equipment?

The International Traffic in Arms Regulation states that exporting these highly sensitive goods is strictly prohibited if you don’t have a valid export license. This regulation includes travel.

Why Should You Buy From Steele Industries?

When your life depends on being able to see clearly in the dark, you need to know that your night vision equipment will function properly. Steele Industries sells only quality equipment, and we work hard to fulfill all your night vision needs.

Steele Industries has white phosphor devices in every price range. Even better: while the regular price is very competitive, you can often take advantage of promotions and sale items when making a purchase to save money. You’ll also find financing options across their site.

Customers can contact Steele Industries in several ways: Call at (800) 674-7302, use live chat, drop them a line, or email them anytime. The team has over 75 years of combined night vision experience and can answer your questions about night vision technology, functionality, system specs, price, power supply options, lead times, shipping, and more.