Ops Core Night Fighter Package Monocular Upgrade

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This package is for those who want to purchase everything all at once that is needed to mount night vision to a helmet. We developed this package back in 2019, and since then it has grown in popularity. It features various popular industry items such as a Ops Core Fast High Cut Bump Helmet, Wilcox G24, and more! This package is priced to save you around $56.00 verse piecing all the kit together separately on your own.

Monocular Upgrade – Night Fighter Package comes with the following: Wilcox L4 G24, Ops Core Fast High Cut Bump Helmet, SI/NVG LanyardSI/ Counterweight, Wilcox J-Arm,  Noisefighters AX-14 Pro Or Noisefighters MAX-14 , Unity Tactical SPARK Marker Light and a Thyrm.

You can select your the color of your choice by using the drop down menu below for all the products. Most come in either Black or FDE.

The Night Fighter Package is a great way to get everything you need at once while maintaining a great cost savings.



One Ops Core Fast High Cut Bump Helmet; one Wilcox J Arm OR Noisefighters MAX-14; one SI/NVG Counterweight; one SI/NVG Lanyard; one Wilcox L4 G24; one Unity Spark Marker Light; one Thyrm. *THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY NIGHT VISION DEVICE*



  • One and done package out of the box
  • Package discount verse piecing all the parts together

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