Best in the US: Night Vision Devices and Service that Can’t Be Beat

August 23, 2022
Best in the US: Night Vision Devices and Service that Can’t Be Beat, Steele Industries Inc

Steele Industries is the only source you need if you’re looking for high-quality US night vision devices. They offer a variety of equipment from top manufacturers and produce several items themselves.

Steele’s team includes those with aerospace & defense, law enforcement, and military backgrounds with over 75 years of combined experience with night vision devices. This first-hand user knowledge ensures customers have a great experience interacting with their customer service team.

Benefits of Night Vision Devices

Night vision devices use advanced technology to amplify ambient light using an objective lens to focus light into image intensifiers. This feature allows the user to see clearly at night or in low-light conditions.

Hunters, military personnel, and law enforcement agencies often use night vision devices to survey their surroundings and locate targets in low light. With white phosphor image intensification tubes, the user gets more accurate depth perception, enhanced visual acuity, better contrast, less eye strain, and images closer to black and white than devices that use green phosphor tubes.

What Kinds of Night Vision Devices Does Steele Industries Offer?

Steele knows that users need quality options when it comes to night vision devices. Whether you’re looking for handheld, weapon-mounted, or head-worn devices, you have a variety of excellent options to choose from. 

Some systems feature:

  • Automatic cutoff in high light conditions
  • Your choice of image intensifier tubes
  • Powering by batteries or battery packs
  • Manual or automatic gain control
  • Panning
  • Articulating

Each product page lists detailed specifications and details, but contact Steele if you have any questions. You can also find minimum specifications for image tubes here.

For reference, here are some terms commonly used with night vision devices:

  • RNVG — ruggedized night vision goggle
  • RPNVG — ruggedized panning night vision goggle
  • DTNVS — dual tube night vision system


Everyone has unique preferences, so Steele builds your monocular to order. Select the image intensifier of your choice.

Binoculars/ Goggles

Steele Industries offers a wide selection of binoculars and goggles. You can find items for sale produced by Steele Industries, L3, and EOTech. Whether you want a DTNVS, RNVG, RPNVG, helmet kit, or a ground panoramic option, Steele Industries has it.

Clip-On Scopes

Some people prefer to mount their night vision devices on their weapons. You can purchase clip-on scopes, including long-range options, from Steele Industries. Steele’s selection of scopes from EOTech and L3 works with day sights.

Housings and Optics

You can purchase housing without optics, parts, and upgrade service that converts your RNVG to a DTNVS. (Steele uses your PVS optics and image intensifier tubes.)


Steele carries mounts for attaching your night vision device to a helmet. You can also purchase accessories, including counterweights, retention harnesses, stops, and bikini covers.


For those who prefer helmet-mounted night vision devices, Steele offers Team Wendy ballistic and bump helmets. You can also add a Night Fighter upgrade to the helmet of your choice.

Steele Industries Night Fighter Package

Whether you prefer monocular or binocular optics, you can customize a night vision package. 

The kit includes:

  • Your choice of optics
  • Team Wendy EXFIL bump helmet
  • Core Survival strobe
  • Wilcox mount
  • Counterweight
  • Retention lanyard

Custom Solutions

If you can’t find what you need, contact Steele for a custom solution. They can build many night vision devices using a variety of image intensifiers from leading manufacturers.

Does Steele Industries Provide Good Customer Service?

Steele’s primary focus is customer success, so their customer service department is second to none. Steele understands that customers don’t have questions only during regular business hours, so you can reach us every day of the week.

A customer service representative will work with you to ensure you purchase the right equipment for your needs.

A vital part of excellent customer service is providing a warranty and standing behind our products. Steele Industries’ night vision products have a ten-year warranty, and Steele also offers limited lifetime service for all night vision devices you buy that they manufacture.

Why Choose Steele Industries?

Steele Industries is a leader in the night vision field, revolutionizing the US night vision industry. Our inventory includes several in-stock items, and the lead times for other products are shorter than most of our competitors.

The regular price for Steele Industries products is competitive, but they often have sales and promotions. Steele offers financing options as well.

Steele Industries manufactures and services its equipment in Florida. We also have a revolving inventory of new products that are in stock, and shipping for most orders of these items is fast! Your order is fully insured and requires a delivery signature.

Steele offers many methods of communication:

  • Call at (800) 674-7302
  • Email
  • Drop us a line
  • Reach out through live chat

Review Steele Industries’ online catalog and search their selection of night vision equipment and more. Exporting night vision equipment is strictly prohibited without a valid export license, and you can’t take your device out of the country when traveling.