What is Purging? Night Vision Experts On What It Does and Why It Matters for NVDs

October 8, 2022
What is Purging? Night Vision Experts On What It Does and Why It Matters for NVDs, Steele Industries Inc

Once regarded as a tool used by a select group of elite professionals, night vision technology is now widely used by law enforcement personnel, bird watchers, security guards, hunters, and various types of nature enthusiasts. While many depend on night vision for commercial and recreational uses, many fail to care for them properly. A vital part of properly caring for night vision equipment is regularly cleaning them.

Purging is the term commonly used for cleaning night vision equipment pieces such as goggles. Most people clean their devices with the help of a nitrogen kit.  Failing to purge on a regular basis can compromise the function of your devices, leading to component failure and poor image quality. Here is everything you need to learn about purging, why it is important, how the procedure eliminates contaminants, and how you can use purge adapters to clean your devices.

What Is Purging?

Purging is the process of cleaning night vision gadgets to keep them in good working order. Many purchase specialty kits to make the cleaning process easier and more effective. Purging kits are portable units used to evacuate air from a night vision device. Using a reverse evacuation process, the kits replace the contaminated air with dry nitrogen.

Why Is Purging Important?

Nitrogen is used in these kits to keep water, condensation, and dust from entering the unit. If water or dust becomes trapped inside your night vision goggles, the lens may become too dirty to use. Regularly purging your night vision device can eliminate moisture and contaminants from the device, so performance is not compromised.

Why Purge Night Vision Devices?

While many take great pains to properly service their vehicles, there are some night vision enthusiasts who do not devote the same level of care to their night vision devices. Devices like night vision goggles and binoculars are an investment, and most do not want to spend money replacing them on a regular basis. Purging your devices regularly with a nitrogen kit will keep them in good working order, ensuring you get the best performance possible.

Purging is especially important for individuals who use their night vision devices in areas with a lot of dust. Dust can quickly settle in the lens of your goggles, obstructing your view and making it hard to focus on objects. Most experts recommend purging on a semi-annual basis, particularly for those using that equipment more than 70 times per year. You should consider purging more often if you live in a harsh environment or use your devices more frequently.

What Are Purge Kits?

Nitrogen purging kits are portable units used to evacuate air from night vision devices. These kits work by sucking the contaminated air out of the device and backfilling it with dry nitrogen. The cleaning process, facilitated by the purging procedure, eliminates debris and water that can degrade optical performance.  

How Do Purge Kits Work?

Purge kits allow users to clean their night vision gadgets without taking them to a specialty shop or dealer to complete the process. When using a purge kit, the purging process typically includes the following steps:

  • Disassembling the device
  • Checking the seals and screws for deterioration
  • Cleaning any debris from the device
  • Checking the external and internal lens of any contaminants
  • Checking the seal vacuum and re-purging it with nitrogen gas

If you own and use night vision equipment, you should complete this process at least once a year. You should purge devices more frequently if they are used often, and when you do not want to degrade optical performance.

Work With a Night Vision Device Expert

Are you a nature enthusiast who uses night vision technology to spot birds or hunt? Purging your devices regularly can keep them in good working order.

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