The B.E Meyers MAWL C1+: Visible Lasers Redefined

August 9, 2023
The B.E Meyers MAWL C1+: Visible Lasers Redefined, Steele Industries Inc

The MAWL-C1+ by B.E. Meyers is an innovative aiming device that has brought a new level of possibilities to military, law enforcement, and civilian uses. It is the first commercial laser to utilize Class 1+™ technology, and it introduces a simplified three-position switch for Close Range, Mid Range, and Long Range settings.

With an extended illumination range surpassing that of other lasers available, as well as an ergonomic design, it proves to be highly suitable for various scenarios. The 2021 revisions have improved the laser’s divergence, resulting in enhanced clarity and illumination over longer distances, all while maintaining intuitive and immediate operation.

Notably, the device now includes the “Ride the Slide” and “TripleClick” features, which offer additional options to adapt to different environments or applications. By pushing boundaries, the MAWL-C1+ is establishing a fresh standard for visible lasers.

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Overview of the B.E Meyers MAWL C1+

The B.E. Meyers MAWL C1+ laser aiming device is a revolutionary advancement in laser technology. It features an ergonomic design, improved beam pattern, and increased illumination range. This makes it the most powerful Class 1+ laser device available on the commercial market.

With lower buttons than any other device and completely ambidextrous capability, the MAWL C1+ is suitable for any shooter. It offers Close Range, Mid Range, and Long Range settings, with divergences appropriate for each. In 2021 revisions, divergences across all MAWL settings have been tightened to provide greater clarity and illumination at longer ranges.

Additionally, TripleClick capability has been added, providing two more modes of operation. This includes a High-Power “TripleClick” capability and a Triple-Click High Power Pointer/Illuminator, allowing for greater visibility of the beam at longer ranges.

The MAWL C1+ is the perfect choice for shooters looking for a powerful, reliable laser aiming device.

Technology and Features of the MAWL C1+

Utilizing Class 1+™ technology, the MAWL C1+ laser aiming device provides superior infrared illumination output power and improved beam pattern and quality at all ranges compared to other commercially available laser devices.

The device is ergonomic, providing the user with a simple, three position switch: Close Range, Mid Range, and Long Range, as well as an all-ambidextrous design. 2021 revisions also include:

  1. Tighter divergences for greater clarity and illumination.
  2. Intuitive and immediate operation; easy manipulation between high, medium, and close range.
  3. TripleClick, providing two additional settings, and a high-power pointer/illuminator.

The MAWL C1+ is a revolutionary product, setting a new standard for laser aiming devices.

Benefits of the MAWL C1+

Revolutionizing the way laser aiming devices are used, the MAWL C1+ provides an unprecedented level of accuracy and performance. It is ergonomic, intuitive, and ambidextrous, allowing for quick and easy operation for both right and left-handed users.

The laser features three distinct range settings, with appropriately adjusted power and divergence levels. The 2021 revisions have further tightened the divergences across all MAWL settings, improving beam pattern and quality at all ranges.

Additionally, the TripleClick feature provides two more modes of operation with higher power settings for greater visibility and target marking capabilities.

These features make the MAWL C1+ an ideal choice for users requiring a reliable, high-performance laser aiming device.

Applications of the MAWL C1+

Featuring an enhanced level of accuracy and performance, the MAWL-C1+ has been designed for a wide range of applications. From military operations to law enforcement to recreational activities, the MAWL-C1+ is the ideal laser aiming device for any situation.

Its wide range of settings, from close range to mid range to long range, make it suitable for a variety of activities. The MAWL-C1+ has also been optimized for use in low light conditions. Its triple-click feature allows for a high-power pointer/illuminator, making it ideal for target marking and pushing through obscurants at longer distances.

Additionally, the MAWL-C1+ can be used for precise target measurement, allowing for more accurate aiming and shooting. Its ergonomic design and ambidextrous capabilities make it comfortable and convenient to use in any situation.

Whether you need a laser aiming device for military operations, law enforcement, or recreational activities, the MAWL-C1+ is the perfect choice.

Pros and Cons of the MAWL C1

The MAWL-C1+ offers a range of benefits and potential drawbacks for a variety of applications.


  • Enhanced illumination range
  • Improved beam pattern and quality
  • Low profile design
  • Ambidextrous
  • Intuitive and immediate operation
  • TripleClick capability


  • Potentially reduced illumination in close range
  • Limited control of power output
  • TripleClick may not be necessary for all users

About B.E. Meyers MAWL-C1+ IR/Visible Laser Offered by Steele Industries

The B.E Meyers MAWL C1+: Visible Lasers Redefined, Steele Industries Inc

The device has a size of 5.0″ (length) x 2.8″ (width) x 2.0″ (height) and weighs 10.1 oz when the battery is included. It operates using a single 3V DL123A battery and is designed to meet MIL-STD-810G standards for environmental sealing.

Operating temperatures for the device range from -20°C to 50°C, while storage temperatures can range from -40°C to 70°C. It features azimuth and elevation adjustment capabilities, with a precision of 0.3 mrad / 1 MOA per click.

The device’s housing is constructed from 6061-T6 Type II Anodized Aluminum. It is equipped with both an IR laser and an IR illuminator. The IR laser has a class 1+ rating, a divergence of 0.5 mRad, and emits light at a wavelength of 860 nm. It offers short, medium, and long-range modes, each with different power outputs.

Similarly, the IR illuminator has a class 1+ rating and emits light at a wavelength of 860 nm. It also has short, medium, and long-range modes with varying power outputs. Additionally, the device includes a visible laser, which has a divergence of 0.5 mrad and emits light at a wavelength of 520 nm. It offers short, medium, and long-range modes with different power outputs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the MAWL C1+ compare to other laser aiming devices?

The MAWL-C1+ laser aiming device offers enhanced illumination range and beam pattern quality compared to other commercially available laser devices, as well as improved ergonomics, clarity, modularity, and interface features. It has a lower profile than other devices and is ambidextrous.

What is the cost of the MAWL C1+?

The cost of the MAWL C1+ laser aiming device is currently listed at $2,195 USD on the manufacturer’s website.

Does the MAWL C1+ come with a warranty?

The MAWL C1+ comes with a one-year limited warranty for the original purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship.

Is the MAWL C1+ compatible with other weapon accessories?

The MAWL C1+ is designed to be compatible with common weapon lights and micro BUIS, making it suitable for use with other weapon accessories.

Does the MAWL C1+ require any additional maintenance?

Maintenance for the MAWL-C1+ is minimal. Regular cleaning and lubrication of the laser device is recommended to ensure optimum performance. Additionally, the battery should be checked periodically for proper functioning and replaced as necessary.


The B.E. Meyers MAWL-C1+ is an innovative, user-friendly laser aiming device that provides greater illumination range, intuitive operation, and increased control compared to other lasers on the market.

With its Class 1+™ technology, advanced features, and ergonomic design, it is ideal for a variety of uses.

It is clear that the MAWL-C1+ is a revolutionary product that has redefined the capability of visible lasers.